WATCH: Adele releases trailer for new single, 'Easy On Me'

WATCH: Adele releases trailer for new single, 'Easy On Me'

Adele is officially back with new music!

Twitter/ Adele

The multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Adele has shared a teaser for her new single 'Easy on Me' ahead of her upcoming fourth album.

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Earlier in the week, fans speculated that a big announcement was looming after Adele's website and social media accounts were updated. The number '30' also appeared at several prominent locations at the weekend. 

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Adele herself joked about releasing an album titled '30' a few years ago when she posted an Instagram caption celebrating her 31st birthday.

The song will be released on 15 October.

Watch the teaser below: 

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Image Credit: Twitter/ Adele

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