WATCH: Plane transported to Hoedspruit to become VIP hotel

WATCH: Plane transported to Hoedspruit to become VIP hotel

Video footage of the plane being transported has left people in awe. 

Plane Becomes Hotel
YouTube/ Screenshot/ Review Observer

On Wednesday, a plane was transported to Hoedspruit where it will be converted into a hotel. 

Traffic was disrupted near Mall Of The North as the plane made its way to Hoedspruit. 

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On Tuesday, it was reported that it can be expected that traffic will be disrupted due to the plane making its way to Hoedspruit. 

According to Myra Kotzé, assistant manager of Aerotel Hoedspruit, who spoke to Review Observer, she mentioned that the plane will be turned into an aerotel. The first aerotel in Hoedspruit was turned into six rooms, but this new plane will turn into a VIP suite. Visitors will have the opportunity to rent out the whole plane. 

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Watch the moment below when the plane was transported: 

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Image Credit: YouTube/ Screenshot/ Review Observer

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