The Scenic Drive with Rian and Spar lowered the price of lamb chops for 1 day ONLY!
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The Scenic Drive with Rian and Spar lowered the price of lamb chops for 1 day ONLY!

It's no secret that the prices of lamb chops have become exorbitant - Rian decided to help drop these prices!

lamb chops

Lamb Chop prices are soaring in South Africa - so much so that for the last week Rian and The Scenic Drive team set out to investigate the different prices of lamb chops. 

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At the end of January our SDD, Quinton was sent on a mission to find out why lamb chops are so outrageously priced. Rian tasked him to find a sheep farm and ask the farmer what he gets paid per kilo for lamb. Quinton made his way to a sheep farm in Brits in the North West and spoke to a third generation sheep farmer, ‘boer Shaun’,  who has been farming with sheep for years.

This is what he found out:

After establishing that farmers earn between R60 and R65 per kilo for lamb, our SDD, Quinton then set-off to the nearest butchery to find out what they charge per kilo of lamb.  He made his way back to Gauteng and found a butchery in Sandton to see how prices of loin chops compared between the platteland and Sandton.

Quinton discovered that the prices of lamb chops in retail stores range between R140-R220.

After a week of campaigning for the prices of lamb chops to decrease, Rian received great news from SPAR...

They have decided to drop the price of their lamb chops to R84.99/kg - for one day only in Gauteng and Limpopo. 

Spar chops 1
SPAR Lamb chops / Supplied.
lamb chops

This offer is available while stocks last.

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