What a millennial funeral will look like
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What a millennial funeral will look like

Millennials have a way of putting a modern spin on almost anything, but is incorporating technology and social media into funerals taking things a step too far?

funeral for a millennial
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Ask anyone over the age of 40 what they think of the millennial generation, and you will get various answers. 

There is much to be said about what millennials bring to the workplace, the economy or social spaces, and it seems there won't be a time when everyone agrees on the answer to the question "are millennials ruining everything?".

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But in the meantime, we can all enjoy imagining a future where millennials do indeed run everything. And in that world, even funerals will look different:

There are two things that we can learn from this. First, a Facebook profile really does last forever, so be careful what you put out there; and second, always make sure that your social media profile picture is perfect - you never know who will be browsing your profile next?

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