This granny wants to bathe you in her milk

This granny wants to bathe you in her milk

It has been said that bathing in milk has some wonderful health benefits. But is it really worth spending an undisclosed amount of time with a creepy old woman?

bathing 2

It is well-documented that baths can be very good for your health. If you can take it to the next level and bath in milk, then you are really doing well in life!

The thing is, not everyone can afford to buy litres and litres of milk to wash their bodies in. 

But don't worry. There is kind granny in a white nightgown who would love to give you the opportunity to have a good milk bath. 

bathe in my milk

There are many, many questions to ask about this advertisement. But perhaps the most important one is: who on earth is taking all these photographs?

Clearly this elderly bath expert's service are in high demand, because she has had several visitors to her parlour.

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