What was your biggest kitchen disaster?

What was your biggest kitchen disaster?

We've all badly miscalculated a pancake flip before...

cooking fail

Cooking is hard. Aside from the difficult work of grocery shopping, there is the additional strain of monitoring the temperature of the stove and making sure you do everything exactly as the cookbook says - while also finding time for a fancy trick or two. TV chefs make it all look so easy. 

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The reality is that often, despite your best attempts, you just will not reach Master Chef levels with any of your dishes. It's something that these people know very well:

Whether you have scalded yourself with hot milk, splashed your own eye with hot oil, or left a black patch on the ceiling from an unexpected pan fire, you can relate to these kitchen disasters. 

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Perhaps it's best to leave the fancy cooking to the professionals?

Listen in at 18h00 this evening to hear Rian talk to owner of Restaurant Mosaic and recent winner of Best Chef Lady at the 2017 Best Chef Awards, Chantel Dartnall, about how to make the best out of the cooking experience. 

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