This is what women really want in partners

This is what women really want in partners

A new study reveals what women really want - and we are not surprised!

Romantic couple on a winter holiday

Are women complicated? We don't think so. 

A brand new study revealed what women really want - and it is actually very simple and uncomplicated. 

The study was conducted by social science researchers at the University of Göttingen in Germany and they found that what women really want, is just someone who will treat them well.

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Philicity Reeken agreed on this and said that women are always looking for someone who will be kind and treat them well. 

Rian van Heerden invited relationship expert Charissa Bloomberg to the show to share some more insight about what women and men want. 

"Ladies, we only want to matter and want to be loved." 

"We also want to communicate, and feel important."

"But most important, women want partners who will treat them kindly."

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