Why do some people hate their birthdays? Here are their reasons...

Why do some people hate their birthdays? Here are their reasons...

There are three reasons why some people hate their birthdays. 

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Birthdays are a celebration of one’s life and it is usually a joyous occasion. The special days are an opportunity to reflect on your life, celebrate, give gratitude, and reflect on how you are still alive. However, some people hate celebrating their birthday and they have valid reasons. 

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Studies have shown that there are several reasons why some hate celebrating their birthdays, however, three of these reasons are the most popular.

1. Ageing

Birthdays serve as a reminder that we are growing older by another year. It is the “official” day we are one year older. A birthday also serves as a constant reminder that we are not growing any younger.

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2. Just hate celebrating

Some people just hate celebrating themselves or hate having the focus on them. But why do they hate it so much? Some people hate celebrating their birthdays because they are scared that the celebration might not be good enough or satisfying for those attending the celebration. 

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3. Lack of achievements or accomplishments

Forty, single, and still living with your parents? Some people feel that they have not achieved certain goals or accomplishments like their peers and this could cause anxiety or depression.

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