Woman dangles from 17th floor in aerial dancing stunt

Woman dangles from 17th floor in aerial dancing stunt

Office workers in Downtown Dallas got quite a special lunchtime show when an aerial dancer chose to dangle outside their floor for her performance.

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Aerial dancing is an incredible skill that is only perfected with years of hard work. And, once you've got your routine down, you can't be blamed for wanting to show off your dancing chops at every chance you get. 
This might explain why a woman in a flowy red dress was seen twirling around while suspended from a rope outside an office building in Downtown Dallas. 

Workers on the 17th floor of the KPMG were confused and amused by the woman's antics. Where did she come from? Why did she choose the 17th floor for her performance? What if she falls while she's doing all that twirling?

But the woman is obviously a consummate professional. She remained completely unbothered by the gawking audience as she went through her routine. 

Have you ever seen anything like this before?

Image: Viral Hog

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