You have to try this crazy Asian lipstick hack

You have to try this crazy Asian lipstick hack

With this genius trick, you will never have to worry about re-applying lipstick after meals again. 

lipstick never fades

Long-lasting, matte, velvet finish - you have probably tried every lipstick on the market. But somehow, no matter how great the colour is, lipsticks still cannot pass the test when it comes to eating and drinking. 

During your meal you will inevitably leave half of your lipstick on the rim of a glass, and end up with the other half on your fork. There is no winning. Until now. 

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Women in Taiwan have found the perfect way to make sure lipstick last throughout a meal, and they took to social media to share videos of themselves demonstrating the new trick.

The best way to keep your lipstick on is to put the entire spoon into your mouth whenever you take a bite. Now why didn't we think of that?

The "Eating After Applying Lipstick" challenge took the Asian social media app Dou Yin (similar to the popular by storm, with people rushing to film their own versions of the challenge.

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The results have been very funny indeed. But for those of us who are not willing to inhale forks and spoons in order to preserve our make-up, the question remains: how on earth can you keep your lipstick from fading throughout your meal?

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