You will love DJ Jazzy D's 'Zuma Must Go' remix!

You will love DJ Jazzy D's 'Zuma Must Go' remix!

Our very own DJ Jazzy D put a humorous spin on current news headlines with a remix of the 'Zuma Must Go' song. Watch the hilarious video below. 

zuma must go remix
Twitter/DJ Jazzy D

The State of the Nation Address has been postponed and speculation about President Jacob Zuma's future in office changes by the hour. All the uncertainty can be quite stressful.

Luckily for us, we still have our sense of humour. True to the South African way, DJ Jazzy D made a fun musical commentary on the current situation with his remix of 'Zuma Must Go'. Watch his rap in the video below.

We're sure these grannies had no idea they would be this famous when they first took to the streets in protest?!

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