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Young Cape Town sprinter sets sights on national competition

A high school student from Plumstead High in Cape Town has broken a 100m sprinting record. Mukendi Makolo has dreams of competing at the SASA National High School Championships. 

mukendi makolo
The Daily Voice

Mukendi Makolo is a Grade 11 pupil at Plumstead High who has shown incredible talent as a sprinter. His impressive skills have earned him the nickname 'Bolt' at his school, and his recent 10.65-second race time at the Dal Josaphat Stadium further cemented his star sprinter status.

Mukendi's time makes him the fastest high school runner in the Western Cape.

He appreciates the support he gets from his team manager and his schoolmates, saying: "When I run, it’s to show them that their support and efforts are not in vain... it drives me."

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The 18-year-old, who hails from Congo, has set his sights on competing at the SASA National High School Championships. The only hurdle standing between him and that goal is a financial one. It would cost R4,500 to get Mukendi to the Championships, and he, unfortunately, can't afford it.  

Not wanting to see his hard work go to waste, staff and pupils at Plumstead High have offered to donate towards his participation in the national competition. 

If you would also like to help make Mukendi's dream come true, you can contact the secretary of the school's governing body on this number

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