Young Jacaranda listener's special Day Zero contribution
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Young Jacaranda listener's special Day Zero contribution

In January this year, as the country faced the reality of Day Zero, one young Scenic Drive listener found a small, meaningful way to contribute. Justin Jansen van Rensburg asked his mom to do one special thing to take a little bit of the pressure off the water situation in Cape Town. 

The first six months of 2018 were tense for South Africa as we heard news of the drought gripping the Western Cape. People across the country came together to help in whatever way they could, showing support for Cape Town. Everyone was doing what they could to prepare for Day Zero, even young primary school children.

Here's the story of how one Scenic Drive listener and her son worked together to contribute something meaningful during the time of crisis. 

Children have a unique ability to tap into the emotions of others, and can display incredible amounts of compassion. 

This is proven once again by a message written by eight-year-old Justin Jansen van Rensburg to his mother, Istelle. Istelle is going to Cape Town on a business trip this week, and upon hearing this Justin was moved to do his little bit to alleviate the Cape Town water crisis. 

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Justin asked his mother to pack two 2l bottles of water in her suitcase. When Istelle asked him why, Justin said they were for anyone that Istelle would meet, "because the people in Cape Town don't have any water".

Justin took the thoughtful gesture further by writing two notes to attach to the bottles:

justin's letter
Jacaranda FM/Istelle Jansen van Rensburg

Justin went on to ask Istelle to give the water specifically to someone homeless. 

Proud mom Istelle tells us she commended her son on the kindness of his gesture. 

Rian heard that Justin was a big fan of Emo Adams, and arranged a special surprise phone call. 

Listen to the heartwarming moment below:

Emo made good on his promise to pass Justin's water on to someone who needs it most, and was at the airport to receive the bottles from Istelle personally. 

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