Attempted hijacking results in dangerous shootout for family

Attempted hijacking results in dangerous shootout for family

Things quickly escalated and became a lot more serious when a man was caught in the crossfire of a botched hijacking.

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What would another day in Johannesburg be without another CCTV incident?! 

This time around, CCTV footage managed to capture a hijacking that took place in Randburg. The CCTV footage from Wednesday’s incident shows a family returning home. After they pull into the driveway three armed men run in before the gate can close. The men quickly drew their weapons on the family and they even held a gun on the family’s 10-year-old daughter.

While that was happening, a second car with the two teenage sons pulled into the driveway having no idea that anything odd was taking place. The hijackers then rushed to the second vehicle and pulled their guns on them. This distraction allowed the father of the family to get out his own weapon. He wasted no time and opened fired on the attackers. The father fired a number of shots at the hijackers. 

Sadly, one of the teenage sons was caught in the arm after the hijackers returned fire on the father. Even though this is a terrible ordeal, it could have been a lot worse. 

Watch the footage below:

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