Can you spot Caesar in the salad?

Can you spot Caesar in the salad?

This is definitely one of the toughest puzzles we have ever seen! 

ceasar image find it difficult

We love a good puzzle to get our brains going in the morning. 

However, the above image had us baffled for a long time. It seems that internet users are confusedand frustrated at the same time - it's really tough! 

The puzzle has been created by Subway to mark the launch of the sandwich giant's new 'Salad of the Day' promotion and the introduction of Caesar sauce in all stores nationwide. Way to go on a great marketing campaign, right? 

Can you find Caesar in the Salad? - the latest puzzle to baffle internet users - features Julius Caesar, the notorious Roman ruler, hiding among the leaves and sweetcorn.

Clue: Look for the tree leaves

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