Intern Carl gets schooled on how to assemble a 33 600 piece jigsaw puzzle

Intern Carl gets schooled on how to assemble a 33,600-piece jigsaw puzzle

While growing up, most of us would have attempted to build a puzzle. Whether it be a 30-piece or 1,500-piece puzzle, this activity is one of the greatest learning products on the market. As for Monica, she is attempting to build a puzzle on a much larger scale.

jigsaw puzzle image

Do you remember the day you built your first puzzle? If not, we certainly can tell you that it was not easy. Now imagine attempting to build the world's largest jigsaw puzzle that consists of 33,600 pieces! It almost sounds impossible?

Well, for one lady, this is exactly what she hopes to accomplish. Monica has already begun the mammoth task of completing a jigsaw puzzle that many would never even think of building. Let's not forget that the amount of time and patience needed to complete such a project is immense! 

Intern Carl set out to not only see the progress Monica has made thus far, but to try his hand at the world's largest jigsaw puzzle.  

After getting schooled, it was his time to shine. If you ask us, intern Carl looked somewhat puzzled by the massive task ahead of him. 

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