TCB intern Carl and Nataniel sing 'In Ev'ry Star'

TCB intern Carl and Nataniel sing 'In Ev'ry Star'

Ahead of his latest show taking place at Emperors Palace, Nataniel joined us this morning on The Complimentary Breakfast. He performed one of his first hits as a duet with our intern, Carl.

carl and Nataniel

Come the 18th of August, Nataniel will star in his new show, called MANNEQUIN. Ahead of the show, he stopped by The Complimentary Breakfast to talk about the show, however, we had our own fun up our sleeves for him.

Our intern, Carl, not only posed as a mannequin for Nataniel, but he even baked some healthy bran muffins for him. To all of our surprise, Nataniel was super impressed by Carl's baking skills.

That was not all. We then decided to take Nataniel's first commercial hit, In Ev'ry Star , mixed it up with Carl's vocals and produce a new version of the hit - a duet. 

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