Pranks involving money are never funny!

Pranks involving money are never funny!

Imagine finding out that you have won £100,000 (R1.7-million), only to later be told that it's a prank?!

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If this had to happen to us, we would scream, shout, stomp, and scream some more! 

A group of best friends thought it would be a great idea to prank one of their mates by giving him a scratch card that revealed he had won £100,000 (R1.7-million). Well, so he thought. 

The scratch card was fake and the man literally started crying when he found out that he had not won.

In the video, the friends give the man the card and he begins to scratch. He soon realises that he has won £100,000, and his face lights up. He throws the ticket down in disbelief and puts his hands on his head. 

This has to be the worst prank you could play on someone, right? 

How would you react if this prank was pulled on you? 

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