Criminals rob Cell C store in Johannesburg within seconds!

Criminals rob Cell C store in Johannesburg within seconds!

If you blink, you might just miss this unbelievable moment criminals snatched a few mobile devices.

cell c store robebry jozi

It seems like the season of robbery is upon us, with so many videos circulating showing robberies across different parts of Gauteng. 

This time a Cell C store in Johannesburg fell victim to criminals. In the video one can see two men approaching the display cabinet where the devices are on show. Then, within seconds, the criminals snatch the devices from their charging cables. It was clear that a few of the men headed to the front of the store to distract the staff, while others made their move in the background. In total, six men can be seen dashing from the store. 

At one point you can see the criminals tugging and struggling to pull the devices free from their cables. These guys held nothing back!

It seems that criminals are becoming a lot more brazen when it comes to stealing in broad daylight.

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