Glass-bottomed pool will totally freak you out!

Glass-bottomed pool will totally freak you out!

We cannot help but close our eyes when watching this video! Eeeek!

infinity pool image scary

A luxury apartment in Texas has people from all around the world visiting for one reason - its glass-bottomed infinity pool.

The pool stretches out over a busy street, elevated 500 feet in the air. Swimmers who are brave enough are taking to the pool for an experience which will no doubt induce some sweat. 

Dubbed as the 'Sky Pool', the pool is on the 42nd floor of the Market Square Tower in Texas and extends 10 feet away from the Houston Building.

The footage below shows how a brave swimmer steps into the pool and starts walking. The swimmer then appears to be walking on air as the floor disappears, revealing the long drop. 

Do you have what it takes to step into the 'Sky Pool'?

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