Maljan Searches for the Perfect Place to Swim in Gauteng

Maljan Searches for the Perfect Place to Swim in Gauteng

There's nothing like a swim on a hot Summer's day. Whether it be in a pool, a dam, river or even a pond, anywhere would do when it's hot. However, it came to our attention that there aren't many locations where one could swim other than a public pool. We sent Maljan to try and search for the perfect location as to where one can still go for swim that's safe.

MalJan goes Swimming

It has come to our attention that Gauteng has a lack of locations where one can go and have a relaxing swim. This may be due to the fact that most of our rivers and dams are dirty or polluted. We decided to send MalJan out to experience a few wet locations in Gauteng and report back as to where you can go to have a great Summer's swim.

Maljan went out to a few different places in Gauteng to find out where a person can still take a swim. His search took him to a few strange places in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

MalJan on Zool Lake

Maljan went to Zoo Lake and Bruma Luke in Johannesburg and he gave us a rundown of the swimming conditions

It's quite cringe-worthy to think that MalJan actually swam in possible disease infested water. Who knows what might be in that water? Yikes! 

MalJan swims in dam

After taking a dip in Bruma Lake and Zoo Lake, MalJan decided to head out to the Pretoria area. He visited the famous Apies River and the Jukskei. 

Keen to see MalJan in action? Watch below:

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