Rian's awkward aerial yoga moves will have you in stitches

Rian's awkward aerial yoga moves will have you in stitches!

This is exactly why Rian van Heerden should stick to his day job... 

rian yoga funny

It has been quite an eventful morning where the team has been suspended at an aerial yoga studio in Northriding. 

Vertical Vixens opened up their doors to us this morning for what was bound to be an entertaining morning - and so it was! Rian, Thabiso and Echbert strapped themselves into big purple sheets and were suspended from the ground throughout the whole show. 

Even though we know that this is no easy task, we just couldn't stop laughing at Rian trying to show-off his skills at this tough sport. This is proof that yoga is not easy!

Warning: Please do not try Rian's form of yoga at home. You might just get stuck! 

If that's not enough, here's Rian and Thabiso trying to do the 'Monkey Pose'. 

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