Ryan Stramrood: How he conquered his greatest 'icy' goal

Ryan Stramrood: How he conquered his greatest 'icy' goal

Ryan Stramrood recently completed the unthinkable - ice swimming. Not only is Ryan a swimmer, but he is a business man as well as a motivational speaker. He is not your usual average Joe. 

ryan stramrood icy

More so, Ryan describes his unique hobby as ultra extreme open water and ice swimming. Stramrood has represented South Africa on a number of occasions in some of the coldest places on earth. 

Dressed in nothing but a Speedo, goggles and a silicone swimming cap, Ryan took part in a one kilometer swim in the Arctic circle. Ryan took part in the 2nd International Ice Swimming Association World Championships on the 6th of January and completed a gruelling swim. 

We spoke to Ryan about his experience but Rian had another idea up his sleeve. They would conduct the interview with both their feet submerged in a bucket containing ice water that is at two degrees celsius.

For Ryan this would be easy, however, Rian some slight difficulty. Take a look - and laugh! 

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