Tattoo artist catches boy stealing and inks 'thief' on his forehead

Update: Tattoo artist arrested for inking 'thief' on boy's forehead

This is probably some of the worst footage we have ever seen!


UPDATE: The two men involved in the inking of the boy's forehead have been arrested and charged with torture.

The two suspects, aged 27 and 29, have admitted to carrying out the actions caught on video.

After the boy was caught by the duo stealing a bike, the pair tied him up and forced him to be tattooed.

"I asked them to make the tattoo on my arm but they said they would do it on my forehead and started laughing," he told Folha de S.Paulo newspaper.

"I begged them to break my arms and legs instead."

Furious viewers on the internet have now started a campaign to help the boy have the ink removed.

Read the original story below:

We always say that we have seen it all, but this disturbing footage of a boy in Brazil having his forehead tattooed with the words 'I am a thief' has shocked us!

The boy had been caught by the tattoo artist stealing a bike. In a chair sits a clearly distraught boy and the sound of the tattoo artist laughing and talking can be heard as he scribbles the damning words on the boy's forehead.

After inking him, he then cheekily asks if the embarrassed teenager likes it?

Local reports say that the boy, who seemed terrified while the artist drew on his head, had gone missing on Friday.

Yes, we fully understand that the young boy had done wrong, but what gives the artist the right to tattoo his head?

Please note: Contains graphic imagery and is not for sensitive viewers.

Do you think the boy deserved this form of punishment or did the two men go too far?

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