British Airways creates an hilarious star-studded safety video

British Airways creates an hilarious star-studded safety video

Airplane safety videos are normally unbelievably boring, but this one will leave you in stitches!

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Airplane safety videos aren't exactly the most thrilling things to watch, but over the years airlines have tried their hardest to spice things up.

The latest airline to do this is British Airways, who have brought in an all-star cast to help you stay safe in the air. 

The video features Oscar-nominated star Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gordon Ramsay, Thandie Newton, Ian McKellen, Gillian Anderson, Asim Chaudhry, and, of course, no British film would be complete without a cameo from the character Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson). 

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The purpose for the star-studded video is twofold: make sure passengers pay attention to the safety instructions and raise awareness of the global charity partnership between British Airways and Comic Relief, which has a goal of raising £20-million by 2020.

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