American Airlines in-flight incident causes social media outrage

American Airlines in-flight incident causes social media outrage

What is going on with certain staff on airlines in America?!

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If you remember, United Airlines found themselves in hot water after the recent on-board drama where a passenger was violently removed from a flight. 

Similarly, a video was posted to Facebook showing an incident that took place on an American Airlines flight recently. The incident was recorded and posted by Surain Adyanthaya, who gave her explanation of what happened on the flight travelling from San Francisco to Dallas. 

In the video one can see a woman crying while holding her baby. Apparently one of the flight attendants 'violently' removed the lady's pram and narrowly missed hitting the baby. 

One passenger commented and backed up the woman's story, saying: "The flight attendant wrestled the stroller away from the woman, who was sobbing, holding one baby, with the second baby in a car seat on the ground next to her.  He stormed by me with the stroller and I said something like, ‘What are you doing? You almost hit that baby!’"

The flight attendant has since been removed from duty.

Social media shared their thoughts. 

Have you ever had a bad experience on a flight? 

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