Kriya Gangiah Show: This 'fire tornado' is the scariest thing ever

Kriya found this video of a 'fire tornado' and it is the scariest thing ever

What happens when you combine fire and a tornado - well, you get a natural phenomenon called a 'fire tornado'.

fire tornado
YouTube screenshot

It may seem like the world is going a little crazy, what with the recent extreme storms in South Africa, wildfires in California, and having Donald Trump as the President of the USA. The world could be coming to an end, you know...

To add to the above, a video has surfaced of a natural phenomenon called a 'fire tornado'.

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The video was captured by firefighters who are currently fighting the blaze that started in central Portugal in early October.

According to reports from a number of local publications, the fire has killed at least 41 people since the blaze started.

This was another video captured about a week ago of a similar event that also happened during the Portugal wildfires.

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