Husband uses an electric shock collar to 'train' his wife

Husband uses an electric shock collar to 'train' his wife

Many have taken to social media to express their outrage after seeing this couple's video. Do you think it's funny or simply degrading to women?

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A video is doing the rounds on social media and in my personal opinion is disgusting and degrading to women.

A couple, who have a YouTube account, have posted a number of videos over the years, ranging from tongue-in-cheek content to more serious stuff.

However, this video has really caught people's attention.

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Jennifer, the wife who is also known as 'Farm Girl Jen', wears a shock collar intended for dogs as part of her ‘training’ to be a better wife.

The collar is controlled by her husband Jason, who also goes by the name 'Exoman'. The couple have said that they made the video as a joke, but many online have said that it's sexist and condones abuse.

Jennifer and Jason, meanwhile, have stood by the video and have insisted that it’s "funny". They commented on the video, saying: ' Comedy is more meaningful and just plays better when it goes against the grain a bit and challenges people. The PC movement has essentially caused creators to abandon a large swath of comedic landscape and over time this area has naturally become fertile again and is just waiting for fearless imaginations to stake their claims. The video harkens back to "Married With Children", the Lucille Ball Show, The Honeymooners and other shows where writers had free rein to have couples having fun and making fun of each other without fear.'

What do you think?

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