Local is lyrically lekker

Local is lyrically lekker

The artist is on point, the beat is electrifying, you’re mumbling the words but where do you find the lyrics?

Neo Rathebe
The Late Show

There’s one thing missing when you listen to a South African song for the first time.

That is where Neo Rathebe comes in! 

He and a few talented individuals started a 100% local lyrics catalogue, www.bimba.co.za, where you can find South African lyrics to songs sung by local artists!   

Neo explains where the idea was born and how you can find your favourite lyrics to your much-loved local song!

The website features everyone from Laurika Rauch, Francois van Coke, Die Heuwels Fantasties, Mi Casa and many more!

There’s no reason why we won’t know all the songs being sung at Liefde By Die Dam

See you there!

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