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Talk about unnecessary, violent road rage

Some motorists clearly need anger management!

Road rage Alex

A road rage ordeal in Alexandra has gone viral.

It all started with a minor bumper bash.

In the video shared on Intelligence Bureau SA, a Porsche driver can be seen kicking and denting a Range Rover and then attacking the driver who is said to be an elderly man.

The original source of the video is not known.

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Most drivers make themselves guilty of exhibiting road rage, but in the end it's all for nothing as violence really doesn't solve anything.

Arrive Alive has these tips to prevent one's anger from boiling over into a road rage ordeal:

  1. When you merge, make sure you have plenty of room. Always use your turn signal to show your intentions before making a move. If someone cuts you off, slow down and give them room to merge into your lane.
  2. .If you are in the right lane and someone wants to pass, move over and let them by. You may be "in the left" because you are traveling at the speed limit - but you may also be putting yourself in danger by making drivers behind you angry.
  3. Allow at least a two-second space between your car and the car ahead. Drivers may get angry when they are followed too closely. If you feel you are being followed too closely, signal and pull over when safe to do so, allowing the other driver to pass
  4. Use your horn to ONLY warn of danger and never as a means to provoke response.
  5. Give angry drivers lots of room. If another driver tries to pick a fight, put as much distance between you as possible. And, remember "it takes two to tango". One angry driver can't start a fight unless another driver is willing to join in. For more safe driving tips, visit Arrive Alive.

What tips do you have for angry drivers?

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