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Bridget Masinga On The Couch With Cassy Clarke

Cassy Clarke interviews Bridget Masinga to find out who the real Bridget is

Bridget Masinga

The Lounge with Cassy Clarke is doing something that has NEVER been done on South African radio before, in the weeks to follow Cassy Clarke will be interviewing all the Jacaranda FM presenters. 

You live your life with them you woke up with Mack or  Rian  and you fall asleep with Cassy or Frankie and Kriya, and you get to know a rather limited side of the on air personalities.The "On The Couch" interviews will allow you to get to know the REAL people behind the voices of Jacaranda FM.

The first personality On The Couch with Cassy is Bridget Masinga. She joined Jacaranda FM in August 2015 and she has brought a lot of hype to your mornings. 

We begin the journey of discovering who she REALLY is at the best place possible; where was was born, what her childhood was like and her favourite childhood memory which turned into a reality for Bridget

In the second instalment things get personal as Bridget reveals was her first kiss what like, what she wanted to become growing up, why she left college in first year as well as what her first job was. 

We dig deeper into who Bridget is, we chat about what REALLY happened that night on Strictly Come Dancing

Bridget reveals what her experience is of the dating scene in Johannesburg and what she is looking for in a man

In the final instalment Bridget Masinga speaks out about something she has NEVER opened up about before... her divorce.

Bridget reveals what happened leading up to the divorce, what it was like making that very tough decision, how her ex-husband reacted  and advice for those currently going through a divorce.  

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