Dramatic objection to couple's marriage leaves guests flabbergasted

Dramatic objection to couple's marriage leaves guests flabbergasted

This is probably every bride and groom's worst nightmare on their wedding day!

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Mark Whiteley and Joanne Green were about to tie the knot when the ceremony was interrupted - and a shocking secret revealed.

The couple in the video below had a secret. The pair decided to stage their marriage for loved ones after they had already wed in secret while on holiday at Rhinestone Wedding Chapel in Nashville, Tennessee in March.

Both the officiant David Crowley and the best man Dan Hoffman-Gill were actors from Mark’s drama company, Hard Graft Theatre. It was left up to another actress, Celia Perkins, to startle the congregation by ‘objecting’ to the union on the grounds that both were already married to each other! Insane, right? 

Mark added: “We were worried about people being upset because it’s extremely sneaky to have been married three months and not even told our children."

Nevertheless, even after revealing the news to their loved ones, the couple went ahead with the celebratory function that they never had.

Have you ever witnessed an objection at a wedding? 

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