Hero pizza store owner takes down arsonists

Hero pizza store owner takes down arsonists

This pizza shop owner definitely showed these criminals a thing or two.

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Ever taken the law into your own hands and fended off a few criminals? 

Well, one pizza shop owner did and now the internet has a new hero! 

In the video, two men can be seen smashing through the front door. They then make their way into the shop and start to throw petrol everywhere. While one of the thugs empties out the can, the other can be seen playing with something in his hands.  

Suddenly, the owner of the shop appears and starts to swing a stick at the two men. He continues to hit the two men with the stick as they cower in fear. 

Detectives say they believe the same suspects have carried out previous attacks and are two Asian men in their late teens or early twenties.

"This could have been a lot more serious," said PC Dave Foley, of West Mercia Police.

Now this is how you teach criminals a lesson!

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