This is the most random thing Martin has ever seen

This is the most random thing Martin has ever seen

The internet is full of the strangest things, but Martin believes that he has found the strangest thing of them all. The making of the worlds smallest Lasagna!

Artist Jay Baron has made a full-on lasagna no bigger than the tip of a finger. Using proportionally tiny implements from his tiny kitchen, it really is a true masterpiece of tininess.

Even though this is the most random thing we have seen in a while there's something very therapeutic about watching it. 3 minutes of of lives that we will never get back but it was totally worth it.

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Watch the spell binding video below.

However this isn't the only video you may have wasted time on. What video have you watched recently that you thought was a complete waste of time?

This was one of the suggestions from our listeners.

If that's not enough, how's this? A man has a human pet dog. That sounds weird, right? Well, meet Lucky (35) who lives with his partner, Oz (60), and acts like a dog would. He sits, barks and fetches like your normal household dog.

Another suggestion was Rammstein-Du Hast done as a Bossa Nova Version. However be warned if you are a lover of Rammstein this might be a bit of a shock to the system.

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