This is what happened to the Komatipoort Spar python

Martin speaks to the Komatipoort Spar about their python

Just in case you were wondering what happened to that 100kg python that was found in a fridge at Spar, we spoke to the owners of the store.


An unlucky merchandiser was in for a shock after finding a nearly 4m-long snake in the fridge at the Komatipoort Spar in Mpumalanga on Friday.

The story caused such havoc on social media we thought it only made sense to follow up on it and get some answers from the people that were there.

To see pictures of the snake click here: Massive snake found in supermarket fridge 

While there were reports that the snake was freed and taken to the nearby Kruger National Park, it turns out it unfortunately died before it could be released into the wild. 

Listen to the podcast below to get the full picture.

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