The worst game show betrayal in TV history

The worst game show betrayal in TV history?

Don't be fooled by a sweet face! Anyone could betray you where money is involved.

Split or Steal
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It's easy for all of us to fall victim to people that possess the kind of face Sarah has. She looks sweet, naive, and pleasant. She looks like someone you can rely on, but as most of us have learnt, looks can be deceiving.

On one of the ITV game show Golden Balls' episodes, Sarah and Stephen were working together for the massive £100k (R1.7-million) jackpot... or so Stephen thought.

In case you've never watched the show before, players have a choice of picking the 'steal' golden ball, which, if not chosen by the other person, would grant you the entire jackpot. If they both pick the steal ball, they'd walk away with nothing. In this case, all signs pointed to 'split'.

When the host gave the pair a chance to talk and reach an agreement, Stephen said: "I am definitely going to split this." Sarah echoed his sentiment after casting a few doubts. "Everyone who knew me would just be disgusted if I stole," she said.

 Well, we were all shocked at the end result. 

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In what has been termed the worst betrayal in television history, sweet-faced Sarah betrayed Stephen!

You have to see this!

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