Classic example of taking things literally as a chef

Classic example of taking things literally as a chef

These two are great at pulling people's legs with their content...

A man wearing a hairnet in the kitchen
A man wearing a hairnet in the kitchen/Instagram Screenshot/@thecheftravel

Life is full of surprises in general, but when you work in a kitchen, somehow it can leave you more surprised.

We saw a junior chef or commis shock us with his understanding of broccoli's sister cauliflower, which he called 'Siscoli'. And now, it seems his knowledge of what a pancake is has managed to leave us rolling on the floor. 

In a video shared on social media, Halil Maganona, aka The Chef Travels on Instagram, left us laughing when he asked junior chef Alex for a pancake. 

Watch what happens when Chef Halil asks Alex for the order. This order up was not what anyone expected. 

Video courtesy of Instagram

We know that Alex is a great sport in these videos and that he is most likely pairing up with Chef Halil to create these funny moments.

However, can you imagine what would have happened if everyone had thought this way? 

It might be super funny at first, but it might turn into mayhem when you are trying to run a kitchen, for instance. 

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Image Courtesy of Instagram


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