You won't believe what Broccoli's sister's name is?

You won't believe what Broccoli's sister's name is?

And if you are thinking it's Cauliflower, think again because this man's version is way more entertaining. 

Cauliflower and broccoli in a tray
Cauliflower and broccoli in a tray/Pexels/@Magda Ehlers

As English speakers, we may take the ability for granted.

But don't get it twisted, even as English speakers, we can make mistakes in our pronunciation. 

A chef who is also a video content creator shares videos of his travels on his social media. 

In one of his videos, he shares the most hilarious thing when another cook, Alex, tells us the name of broccoli's sister. 

We don't think we are going to do justice to the way this joke is communicated so, we think you should watch and hear it first in the video from Instagram:

It's easy to make a mistake when you are learning something new. So, Chef Alex, we love your light-hearted way of not taking yourself seriously. 

If we have to be honest, we are all beginners at something in life, so be humble and open to learning. 

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