Coca-Cola smartphone - "A love letter to the world-famous soft drink"

Coca-Cola smartphone - "A love letter to the world-famous soft drink"

The Coca-Cola smartphone is real and a limited edition. Realme has given Coca-Cola the phone's software with themed icons and the works.

Realme smartphone for Coca Cola
Realme smartphone for Coca Cola/Instagram Screenshot/

Even if you are not a soda, cold drink sort of person, there's something about Coca-Cola that leaves people experience a sense of nostalgia. 

Which is why the Realme 10 Pro Coca Cola smartphone has been turning many heads. 

Not just with the list of features and design style, but also with the knick-knacks that are personalised to the Coca-Cola brand. 

"Coca-Cola has a smartphone and it is considered the first in the world. 

The new Coca-Cola phone is a Realme 10 Pro and it will be sold as a limited edition unit and dubbed “Realme 10 Pro Coca-Cola Edition.” it was noted that this is the first time that the company has teamed up with a beverage firm." (Econo Times)

Definitely something of a collector's item, if you enjoy a snazzy phone with an old school brand that has earned a name in pop culture. 

"Realme has given the Coca-Cola phone’s software a themed makeover, changing many of the icons to match the color scheme or fit in with Coke’s branding.

The default wallpaper looks like a freshly poured glass of Coke, complete with fizzy bubbles. It’s a shame it’s not animated, but we can’t have everything." (Digital Trends)

But that would definitely be totally cool. There was supposed to be a sound effect that replicates the "pop and fizz of opening a bottle of Coke", but the team at Digital Trends said that that was a stretch. 

With only 6,000 Realme X Coca-Cola phones set to be available in the world, they only plan on releasing the nostalgic phone in India.

"It’s reasonably priced, too, at the local equivalent of $255. If you want one, it’ll have to be imported, but it’ll definitely be a fun phone to own." (Digital Trends)

That's R4,656.91. If you're a Coca-Cola fan it sure would be something to have a phone like this...

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