Court refuses to grant divorce to couple married for 60 years

Court refuses to grant divorce to couple married for 60 years

The husband has been trying to divorce his wife for 27 years!

A lawyer holding divorce documents
A lawyer holding divorce documents/Pexels/@RDNE Stock project

Divorce has always been something of a taboo topic in many countries. 

Many people follow societal thinking that it is wrong or unacceptable to get divorced, even if the couple is not happy in their marriage. 

An Indian man who felt like divorce was the only way forward has been separated from his wife for around four decades. He has been trying to divorce her for 27 years, but the courts don't agree. 

"An 89-year-old retired Air Force Officer and qualified doctor who had been trying to divorce his 82-year-old wife, a retired teacher, for almost three decades, has once again been denied by India’s Supreme Court, despite agreeing that their marriage was ‘beyond salvation’." (Oddity Central)

The two were married in 1963 and have three children. Their marriage has been described as 'normal', but things went left when the husband, Nirmal Singh Panesar, was posted to Chennai and his wife, Paramjit Kaur Panesar, refused to join him. 

Eek, now that's awkward. But wait, it gets worse. She opted to stay with her parents and later with their son instead of being with him. 

"Despite several attempts to resolve their differences, the marriage fell apart, and in 1996 Nirmal Singh Panesar filed for divorce in the District Court. Four years later, he received a favourable verdict, but that was swiftly overturned after an appeal by Paramjit, who argued that she had tried her best to maintain their “sacred relationship”." (Oddity Central)

When people hear divorce, thoughts of infidelity or toxicity from extended families are always assumed, but that was not the case here. 


It seems Paramjit had realised that not only did she not want to die with the title of divorcee, but she also wanted to care for her husband in their old age. 

Being in love might not always be possible in marriages, but being alone is something no one wants to go through. 

‘Beyond salvation’ was not a good enough reason for divorce. 

"Despite the increasing trend of filing divorce proceedings

, in the courts of law, the institution of marriage is still considered to be a pious, spiritual, and invaluable emotional life-net between the husband and the wife in the Indian society.” (Oddity Central)

In the end, they are stuck with each other to work it out and after 60 years of marriage, they should just forgive each other and move forward. 

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