A cow on the highway! This was a job for the cowboys...

A cow on the highway! This was a job for the cowboys...

Yes, this did happen and it was to keep the cow safe...

Cowboys wrangling a cow on highway
Cowboys wrangling a cow on highway/YouTube Screenshot/@Associated Press

This really happened this week on a busy Oklahoma highway. It was not staged or part of the filming for a movie. 

We are not unfamiliar with this kind of thing happening in South Africa, but it is kind of ironic that many people from abroad make the assumption that animals are just walking around on the roads with us daily. 

And yet it happens in these first world countries just as much. 

"A herd of cattle got loose on Monday morning, and one cow decided to go on an adventure, heading right into traffic and toward an interstate. The rogue cow required wrangling, and it was caught on camera." (MSN)

A contractor, Blake Igert, from the Oklahoma National Stockyards pinback crew, received a call at the beginning of the week about cows that got loose on the highway. 

So he saddled up with his colleague, Jimmy Dishman, and headed out to help. 

WATCH the full video below, courtesy of YouTube.


The cow was not hurt but merely restrained for its own safety, as well as the safety of all those using the highway. 

Goes to show, you cannot strike anything out or feed into stereotypes when it comes to animals...

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Image Courtesy of YouTube

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