The smiling Orangutan from Melbourne Zoo

The smiling Orangutan from Melbourne Zoo

This looks like a scene out of a horror film...

An Orangutan at an Australian Zoo
An Orangutan at an Australian Zoo/YouTube Screenshot/@3AWRadio

Much can be said about zoos and how people feel about them.

On one hand we have people who appreciate the ability to visit a place and see animals that they wouldn't usually see in their lifetime. But on the other hand, we have people who don't believe in animals being restricted in any shape, form, or way. 

It's a diverse world we live in. 

A video that has resurfaced on social media has gained lots of attention as it shows an Orangutan at the Melbourne Zoo. 

In the video, a reporter is seen delivering her report to the cameraman all while an Orangutan is behind her, all that separates her from the animal is a glass division. 

The video was originally posted to YouTube by an Australian news channel. 

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