Cutting in during traffic has its repercussions

Cutting in during traffic has its repercussions

Why do some drivers think they can just cut in without asking?

A Tesla vehicle cutting into traffic
A Tesla vehicle cutting into traffic/X Screenshot/@crazyclipsonly

In traffic, it is inevitable to find at least one driver who believes that they are the only ones who need to get to their destination faster than everyone else. 

Being stuck in traffic is part of the deal when you live in a metropolitan. It certainly isn't ideal, we get that, but it is a regular part of many people's routine in Johannesburg and surrounds. 

And don't come at us with the waking up early story, because sometimes even when you are on the road early, you still manage to get stuck in traffic. 

A video shared on X shows how sometimes when you cut in during traffic, there are repercussions. 

It's like that saying, actions speak louder than words. When this Tesla driver didn't wait but pushed in front of another vehicle, they found out the hard way that his actions spoke louder than words. 

Just as a point of note, you determine the mood of your day and the day of all the motorists who are stuck in traffic with you. 

Be kinder and ask for a way in if you need to, don't just cut in!

Watch what happened to the Tesla, courtesy of X

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