Dad covers his baby's body in tattoos

Dad covers his baby's body in tattoos

Sometimes dads take things too far...

A young boy with tattoos all over his upper body
A young boy with tattoos all over his upper body /Instagram Screenshot/@thepresidentialfamily

Trust a father to get people riled up with a prank. There are lower-grade pranks that don't require much planning, and then there are higher-level pranks that require planning, but also involve great execution. 

Tattoos and babies don't go hand in hand. But if you put them together, one thing you are sure of getting is an engaged audience. 

The Presidential Family on social media got everyone's attention when they posted something quite controversial on social media.  

The video showed a young child, Adonis, covered in tattoos. His father drew tattoos all over his body. 

The tattoos looked natural and professional, and Dad, Mr President, took things to the next level by taking his son to the tattoo shop so his mom could track his location. 

By posting the pics on Instagram, Mr President got more than a few people revved up. We can understand that seeing a tattooed toddler can be triggering, but it was all part of his plan. 

Check out the post on Instagram below. 

Many people didn't know, including the child's mother, that dad used a toy tattoo or art tool to trace the tattoos onto his son's body. 

We've seen this tattoo toy before from a little boy who was said to be destined to be a tattoo artist. 

The toy uses non-permanent markers and tricked everyone. 

Check out the full video below, courtesy of YouTube.

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