Daughter suspiciously insists dad finish a glass of water

Daughter suspiciously insists dad finish a glass of water

The fact that dad didn't even ask for the water but she brought it for him left us suspicious.

Daughter giving dad a glass of water
Daughter giving dad a glass of water/TikTok Screenshot/@_thesimpsonfamily_

Kids are known for their cheeky natures and sometimes we cannot fully trust their choices. 

One dad experienced this with his daughter recently when she brought him a glass of water on her own accord. It did look like she was up to something, but that's just our guarded senses as adults. 

In the video, a young girl brings her dad a glass of water. Inside the glass is a black spoon. 

The toddler says to her dad, "Make sure to finish all of it." It was at this point that dad got suspicious. He sniffs the water and then asks her what she put in it. 

To which she responds, "Nothing"...

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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We were so intrigued at the end of the video, thinking that perhaps they would do a follow-up to share what was in the water. 

But, sadly, they didn't and nor do they know if anything was in the water. Dad is okay, so we assume it was all good. 

People were truly invested in finding out what was in the water, with many suspecting it was toilet water. We don't think this kid went that far, there was a part of us that thought she put salt in it, but he would've noticed that. 

The mystery can remain unsolved or we can choose to believe that it was just plain water. 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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