Dressing like the elderly is the future of fashion

Dressing like the elderly is the future of fashion

They are not just the carriers of great life experience, but also their thread count contributes to their fashion status...

Woman in blue long sleeve shirt
Woman in blue long sleeve shirt/Pexels

They say you only live once, so make it count - and part of living for us is walking around in style. 

Fashion is something that is bespoke by nature, but most of the time, fashion is something set out by trendsetters. The most genuine of trendsetters, however, has got to be the elderly. 

When you look back at vintage photos of our grandparents and great-grandparents, you will see them rock it with their sense of fashion. 

And as years pass by, we notice that they are still killing it. 

Highsnobiety news editor Jake Silbert says: "Today's old people dress really, really well. No irony: I've always been fascinated by how effortlessly the elderly wear clothes and it feels like the greater culture is only just now starting to catch on.⁠" (Instagram)

He has opened up a very valid question, why aren't we giving elderly people the credit they deserve when it comes to their incredible, yet effortless style?

More importantly, it is not about what they are wearing, but how they are wearing it. 

Traditionally, it has been said that style comes with confidence, they work hand-in-hand. 

Silbert says: "These are the two universal truths that any well-dressed person lives by, intentionally or not. You look cool when you look unbothered, like you just tossed on whatever you had lying around and made it look natural." (highsnobsociety)


One actress that caught on early and has been doing it right is Jennifer Lawrence. 

Silbert ends of by saying: "By and large, older folks have it dialed in. They've had a lifetime to master the art of dressing effortlessly and the sooner you start taking notes, the better." (highsnobsociety)

It seems we have more than just life advice to seek when it comes to consulting our elders. That makes sense as we get older. Here's to turning the style page over to the old side...

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