Employee from marketing thinks ROI is a person

Employee from marketing thinks ROI is a person

Yikes, when you are in marketing and you don't know a key term used in your industry. 

Four people on a work video call
Four people on a work video call/TikTok Screenshot/@joshfrommarketing

We have seen many companies, especially creative agencies, take to TikTok in a fun and engaging way over the last few years. 

Many of them post skits about the different employees and how they fit into certain niches when it comes to office culture. 

Sometimes these videos are so well executed that we are not able to tell whether they are fooling around or if they are for real. One of these cases was with Josh from Marketing

Josh posts ambiguous videos about how he makes blunders at work, and his videos are very much like those of the series, 'The Office'. 

So, if you are into that, you would get a kick out of these videos. 

The one that grabbed our attention was of Josh, his boss, and his fellow colleagues on a video call just before the Christmas campaign. 

Now, if you didn't already know, when you work in marketing (and even when you don't), knowing the meaning of certain terms is mandatory. 

For instance, the term ROI, which stands for Return On Investment, is a key term in any company, but especially for a creative agency. 

In the meeting, Josh asks his boss if he should include ROI in the communications, assuming that ROI (as in ROY) is a person.

Watch the moment happen below, courtesy of TikTok

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