Students test if WiFi affects plant growth

Ever wondered what happens to plants when the WIFI is on

Let's just say this is a really big eye opener...

Wifi router on yellow background with plants
Wifi router on yellow background with plants/Pexels

There is that big elephant in the room that everyone chooses to ignore when it comes to the topic of radiation. 

Mostly because the evidence isn't 100% sound. 

But also because the comforts and joys of using the internet, your smartphone, and the plethora of devices that have made our lives easier is far superior. 

But a group of students have done something that questions everything. 

In a video we saw on the Instagram page, '', a teacher shared how this experiment changes everything. 

The students set out to test how WiFi affects plant growth. Of course, a mammoth discovery brings about questions on everything tech related in our lives. 

And the results were indeed groundbreaking. After several hours, we see seedlings emerge from the area without WiFi and nothing happening in the area with WiFi. 

However, we highly doubt that will stop people from using WiFi, but it definitely lets the mind wander about the endless effects that come of it. 

We have heard many stories about how you should not keep your smart devices close to your body, because of the long term effects of radiation. 

But it still goes unnoticed by many. The mere fact that students are being pushed to think like this in a rapidly moving tech society is definitely the disruption we need as a society. 


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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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