Five critical side mirror secrets

Five critical side mirror secrets

Now why isn't this included when we learn to drive?

Side view mirror of moving car
Side view mirror of moving car/Pexels

Social media isn't always as bad as it is painted. 

For instance, sometimes we find content that can literally bowl us over. 

And in this instance, it involved five ways that side mirrors can be used to make your driving experience better. 

What really shocked us is that these are apparently part of the basics in teaching driving in Germany (or so says one social media user). 

Traditionally, side mirrors are viewed as a means of seeing cars behind us or to the side of us. 

But they function as more than that. 

1. Positioning the mirror where the lefthand side mirror is showing the backdoor car handle on the righthand side corner and vice versa for the righthand side mirror, ensures that optimal viewing when driving. 

2. When parking, if you are unsure about how far forward you can go without hitting the curb, simply look at your lefthand side mirror. When the mirror lines up with the curb line, then your front bumper is 10cm away from the curb. 

3. When reversing the car into the garage or parking space, in the side mirror you can see the corner of the parking space. At this point turn the steering wheel fully, and the car will go in smoothly, but make sure to straighten up before fully reversing. 

4. When the car is parked in a garage or parking bay, and you are unsure as to how close you are to the car next to you, simply come forward so that the side mirror is in line with the vehicle next to you. At this point you can turn out safely. 


5. When you look at the side mirror, divide it in two. When the vehicle behind you is on the righthand half of the side mirror, it is safer for you to change lanes or make a U-turn. If the vehicle appears on the left then it is not safe. 

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