Guy covers his parents' house in aluminium foil

Guy covers his parents' house in aluminium foil

This is the most outrageous thing. We're so confused!

Furniture inside a house covered in aluminum foil
Furniture inside a house covered in aluminum foil/TikTok Screenshot/@thatguymaks

We've seen people do some extreme things on social media, most of the time we are not sure of their motivation. 

Perhaps it is just to follow trends or to get views, either way, the more bizarre the videos, the more intrigued people are. 

One guy who does some extreme things and captures it on video recently covered all his parents' belongings with aluminium foil. Whether or not he was trying to get them radioactive or not is unclear (jokes). 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


This took forever… I need sleep now

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It's not the first time he has done something like this, so we can relate to the mom's shock and frustration. 

Aluminium foil is not cheap either, so he must've spent a pretty penny covering everything down to the fruit in the fruit bowl. 

He got over a million views for a video he did where he covered his mother's kitchen in post-it notes. We have to admit the colours did look quite edgy. 

Check out his mother's reaction below, courtesy of TikTok. Do you think he is just doing this to get views or is there something artistic and calming that comes with wrapping?


Yes I had to clean it all up

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